Privacy Policy

1. Collection Policy and Purpose

The company undertakes to fully comply with the provisions of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, Chapter 486 of the Laws of Hong Kong.

You are kindly requested to read this statement carefully to understand the policies and practices adopted by the Company in processing the personal data you provide to the Company on this website. If you use this website, you agree to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal data by the company in accordance with the statement.

Please note that the provisions contained in this Statement may be updated, revised, altered and modified from time to time as the Company deems necessary. Your continued use of this website after the revisions are made will be deemed acceptance of the revised statement. It is your responsibility to periodically review any amendments made to the Statement.

2. Purpose of collecting personal data

The information and data collected by the Company on this website will be used for the following purposes:

  1. To provide you with various services of the company, online shopping and promotional information;
  2. Handling and following up on service requests, enquiries and complaints;
  3. To contact you regarding notices and communications relating to your use of this website and/or the services provided by the Company;
  4. verify your identity; and
  5. Obtain statistical data about website users to analyze the usage of the website to assist its further development.

3. Collection of personal data of users of this website

When you enter this website, the company will record your domain name server address and/or email address, track the pages you browse, and store the relevant information in "cookies". This procedure will take place without your knowledge. In general, the Company will use "cookies" to estimate audience size, estimate the popularity of various parts of the site, track user movements and participation in promotional activities, and measure user traffic patterns. Information and data collected by means of "cookies" will not be disclosed, except in the circumstances set out in paragraph 4.

4. Transfer and Disclosure of Personal Data

The Company will not sell, rent and trade personal data (whether in whole or in part) obtained from you to third parties without your consent.

The Company agrees to take all practicable steps to keep your personal data confidential and/or non-disclosure (unless your prior consent is obtained), except that the above information and data may be disclosed and/or transferred in the following circumstances:

  • When the company needs to protect and safeguard the rights and property of the company;
  • When the company believes that the company must provide information to comply with applicable laws and regulations;
  • Provide relevant information and data to the company's professional consultants for consultation (including market analysis), but the relevant professional consultants must first promise to keep the relevant information/data confidential; and
  • Transfer your personal data and data to a third party duly authorized by the company for storage.
  • If you use this website, you will be deemed to have agreed, permitted and authorized the company to disclose and transfer your personal data under the above circumstances.

5. Link to other web pages

To provide you with more information, this website may provide links to other pages, including but not limited to certain social media sites (such as Facebook and Youtube). When you browse these other pages and use the services provided, your personal data may be collected. If you decide to click on advertisements and hyperlinks on this website that take you to another web page, the protection of personal data that you consider private and confidential may be revealed on those other web pages.

In order to protect your privacy more effectively, please refer to the privacy policies of these other pages. The Company assumes no responsibility or liability for your use of these other web pages.

6. Safety

All personal data you provide will be encrypted and transferred to the server of the company or other servers of a third party duly authorized by the company using SSL technology, and will be stored electronically with appropriate electronic encryption tools. Such personal data can only be accessed by authorized personnel of the Company or third parties authorized by the Company, and such personnel must undertake to keep the relevant information confidential when accessing the relevant personal information.

7. Marketing materials

When you log in to this website to register as a member, you will be deemed to agree that the company will use the electronic address you provide to promote the beauty products, equipment and related services sold by the company. If at any time you no longer wish to receive promotional materials from the Company, please send the relevant request by email to the Company's email address, and the Company will arrange for you to cancel the sending of the email.

8. Access data

You may access, amend and/or request your personal data stored in our company's records at any time. You may exercise your rights by writing to our Customer Service Officer by writing to [ ] or writing to [ ]. The company will try to respond within 30 days after receiving your above request, but may need to charge you a reasonable fee. Upon receipt of the above request, the Company may request your personal details to verify your identity.

9. Inquiry

For any inquiries, please contact our company.

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